Tree & Shrub Care

Tree & Shrub Care

Protect and maintain your growing investment

Vibrant, well-maintained landscaping will enhance the beauty and value of your property. That is why it is so important to nourish and protect it from pesky diseases, hungry bugs, and the harsh winter weather.

Our professional applicators and technicians understand and follow specific procedures to ensure the health and safety of your trees for years to come. Our professional, certified tree & shrub care experts also understand how our climate and environmental conditions influence tree and shrub growth, and they use that knowledge to provide tree & shrub care that treats and prevents issues appropriately.

Our services include:

  • Diagnosis
  • Insect Treatment & Prevention
  • Disease Treatment & Prevention
  • Deep Root Liquid Fertilization
  • Deep Root Watering
  • Shrub and groundcover fertilization
  • Ornamental tree and shrub pruning
  • Tree Removal

Our integrated approach to treating your tree and shrub problems is both safe and cost effective. Excellent service, quality of workmanship and dedicated professionals are what sets us apart. We evaluate every landscape's needs so that we can tailor a program specifically for the benefit of your plants.

Dormant Oil Tree Applications

Horticultural dormant oil sprays are specific, highly-refined petroleum products that are mixed with water and applied to trees and shrubs to control aphids, spider mites, and scale. When dormant oils are applied, they destroy pests and their eggs by suffocating them. When applied properly, the thin film of oil plugs the spiracles or pores through which the mite or insect breathes. Proper timing is critical when using dormant oil sprays. In Illinois, horticultural dormant oils should be applied in late March or early April before the plants show signs of breaking dormancy, also known as "bud break". Dormant oil sprays should be applied as close to bud break as possible.

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Beth Stevens
2015-07-20, 15:04
Great Job! It is a beautiful patio. I really like the lights on the pillars too! Worth every penny. Big recommendations here!
Beverly P., (HWHOA President)
2015-04-01, 17:09
We just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful work this winter. Your workers do wonderful work in horrible conditions. Thank you.
Davis Quint
2016-03-12, 03:07
I'm very happy with your company and the landscaping. nice work