Insurance And Licenses

Insurance And Licenses

Suburban Landscaping is one of the most well insured landscape companies in the Chicagoland area. As a property owner, this is important to you on many levels. Most importantly is our workmans compensation insurance, an insurance that most small companies don't have or under-value. Workmans compensation insurance helps protect property owners when an on-site accident may occur.

INSURANCE COVERAGE:   Certificate Of_Insurance

Policy Limits:

  • General Contractors: $2,000,000.00
  • Workmans Compensation: $500,000.00
  • Automobile Coverage: $1,000,000.00
  • Umbrella:  $5,000,000.00

 RWC Insurance Group
 7239 West Laraway Road
 Frankfort, IL 60423
 Contact: Ed O.

 Owners Insurance Group


Professional Licenses

We are licensed by all of the municipalities that we offer our services in, as well as Cook and Will County Illinois and Lake County Indiana.  We are also licensed by the Illinois and Indiana Department Of Agriculture. Our offices are regularly inspected by OSHA for safety and compliance. 

Department Of Agriculture

Every lawn maintenance and fertilization contractor in Illinois and Indiana needs to be certified and licensed by the Department of Agriculture. Tests are given every two years, and must be passed by both applicators and operators in order to keep a valid spray license. A valid spray license from the Department Of Agriculture assures that the people actually spraying your lawn are trained and meet all state regulations for applying fertilizers and weed control. One of our applicators and one of our operators licenses are provided below.

Pesticide License

If your fertilizing contractor cannot produce a valid spray license identical to the ones above, the person applying your chemicals for you may not be licensed and trained to do so.

 Additional Insured

For commercial properties, builders, general contractors, developers, property managers, and municipalities, insurance often requires an rider in the contract stating that the property owner, organization, or municipality be covered as an additional insured by the contractor. Suburban Landscaping offer our client this option through our insurance company. Please contact the Business Manager for more details on becoming and additional insured.

 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

All of the products and chemicals we use at Suburban Landscaping are registered with the appropriate government agency or regulators. We keep a full MSDS book containing a sheet on every chemical we apply or stock. These sheets contain very important information from the manufacturer of the products on subjects such as safety, proper application, and storage. Additionally, these sheets also speak about their use around people, pets, and the general public. MSDS sheets also contain information about their use around run-offs, storm water collection areas, and ponds/streams. This book is available to any of our customers that would like to know more about our fertilizing products or other chemical we may use. Please ask our maintenance department for more information regarding Material Safety Data Sheets.

Certificates Of Insurance

Certificates of our insurance can be printed directly from the picture above, or obtained by calling the Business Department in our office. Certificates of Insurance are available to any current or prospective client. 


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David C., Frankfort, IL
2015-06-05, 20:52
Yard looks great as always! Keep up the good work!
David Sanders
2015-06-29, 16:56
A quick thank you for going the extra mile, our place looks better than it has in years. We appreciate it very much.
Pat Henaghan
2015-09-04, 15:28
Planting of river birch trees has solved my flooding problem in my backyard! Thank you so much for the suggestion. Prior to planting the river … read more