Municipal Maintenance

Municipal Lawn Mowing & Field Maintenance

Park District Mowing Sports Fields

A large part of Suburban landscaping’s history and future are in the areas of municipal and state mowing projects. Our size and organizational systems have been valuable assets to many municipalities over the years. With our flexibility to arrange for special ceremonies or events, and our proprietary scheduling systems that ensure a reliable preform each week.

We can offer municipalities a large assortment of services to augment their staff, maintain selected parcels, or enhance the look and curb appeal of the municipality.  Being a full landscape build and maintain company, we can provide a one-stop-shop for all of your horticultural needs.

Some Mowing Services We Offer Municipalities:

  • Municipal Buildings
  • Athletic Fields
  • Parks
  • Road Ways
  • Field Mowing (Bi-Weekly, Monthly)
  • Tractor Mowing
  • Specialty Mowing (Hill sides, ditches, etc.)
  • Cemeteries
  • Schools
  • Water Departments
  • Code Enforcement

Retention Ponds

Expert Billing

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Municipal billing varies slightly from Town to Town, but our A/R staff is very familiar with everything from time tracked hourly bills to alternating week mowing schedules.  Detailed billing of several hundred vacant lots is not an unusual service at Suburban Landscaping. We are typically able to turn in billing within less than a week on any project, faster if needed.

We also can provide before-and-after photos if needed and all of our trucks are GPS located in real time for confirmation of work performed.


We pride ourselves on our ability to fully service our municipal clients, being the only phone number a Superintendent or Director needs to remember.  Below is a partial list of services we can offer municipal clients during the season.

As you will see here on our website, Suburban Landscaping has everything a municipality needs to help maintain a Village, Town or City.  

Different Departments

We gladly offer our service to any municipality, from the large 300 acre projects to the small one-time planting project.  We also work within a municipality as well

  • Water Department
  • Code Enforcement
  • Park District
  • Mayors Office
  • Building & Zoning
  • Health

Professional Service

Field Mowing Skid Steer

We know that anyone working for a municipality has lots of people watching, from supervisors to residents. Which is exactly why we pride ourselves on our professionalism when representing you. Our trucks are lettered, our employees are uniformed, and safety is our highest priority. Communication is ever present as well, from the Foremen to the Supervisors, our employees who deal with the public speak English and are able to photograph and report as needed.


RFP’s & Open Bids

We gladly participate in RFP’s and Public Bids alike. We are a transparent and open company that believes in following the rules. We are very familiar with bids, openings, and the requirements that go along with them.

Exact Pricing

Since 1984 we have been perfecting our system of bidding projects and properties. We are very familiar with unit pricing and price per acre, and we know exactly what we need to do a project. You won’t find a gamble or guess on our proposal; everything is measured, calculated and tested.

Insurance & Licensing

We are fully insured with an AAA rated company and have an experience modification factor above average. In addition to general liability, we also have Workman’s Compensation and an umbrella policy. Certificates are available upon request to all clients. Click here to see our page on insurance.

Our state applicator and operator license are also available to be seen on the same page. 



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David C., Frankfort, IL
2015-06-05, 20:52
Yard looks great as always! Keep up the good work!
Beverly P., (HWHOA President)
2015-04-01, 17:09
We just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful work this winter. Your workers do wonderful work in horrible conditions. Thank you.
Tony Davis
2015-07-19, 11:07
Thank you for saving my basement and my sanity. You guys really know your stuff, especially with the drainage stuff. I don't know if I mentioned this … read more