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Providing the finishing touch on any landscape, Suburban Landscaping proudly offers residential and commercial clients professional low-voltage landscape lighting design and installation. With many options to choose from, we offer lighting that can enhance the beauty of your landscape, create visual interest or highlight focal points of your landscape, and increase security. Whether you desire a formal or contemporary style of lighting, our lighting designers can add night time appeal to any landscape.

Our creative designers will work closely with you to design a lighting plan that enhances the architectural elements of your home and property by using both direct light and passive shadows, providing the perfect mood you desire. Our talented designers also consider the ingress/egress of your guest and family, the usage of an area, and the budget that you have set for your lighting project.

Considered as a lasting investment in your property, we use energy efficient, long lasting products made by the top manufacturers, usually cast bronze or aluminum, and you will never find plastic parts or shells used. For style and design, we can also offer a wide variety of finishes on our lights, including copper and patina. We also use stainless steel transformers  that are guaranteed against mechanical and electrical defects from the manufacturer. Everything we do is custom, even the options for halogen or LED bulbs is available.

Using efficient, eco-friendly, low voltage lights, we can provide the outdoor lighting and ambiance you are looking for without dramatically increasing your utility bill or negatively impacting the environment. In out product lines we even have a selection of solar lights that can be used as an economical lighting option for nighttime hours.

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Here are some creative ideas for your landscape lighting projects to create the exact ambiance and feel you desire:

Walkway Lighting: Adding walkway lighting increases visibility for your family and guests as the approach and exit your home, ensuring a safe walking experience. By drawing attention to your pathways and sidewalks, your lighting can direct your guests to the entrance door of your choice.

Outdoor Cooking: Whether you have an outdoor grill or a full outdoor kitchen, landscape lighting near your cooking area can add both to the ambiance and usefulness of the cooking area.

Security Lighting: Safety is a top priority in any home, and by adding landscape lighting near sidewalks and exterior doors is a great way to feel more secure in your home. Seeing the people approaching the entrances to you home before they arrive on your porch is a valuable feature for your home.

Step Lighting: Creative landscapes often have a change in elevation, including steps to traverse those changes. Using landscape lighting near or adjacent to steps and stair that would otherwise be dark, not only adds beauty but functionality to your landscape.

Focal Point Lighting: Using a variety of techniques, we can highlight the architectural beauty of your home including design angles, special features, roof lines, peaks, and gables. We can also highlight special features in your landscape, such as water features, an outdoor fireplace, or specimen trees.

Mood Lighting: Our creative designers can softly illuminate certain areas of your property to create desired effects, such as low, romantic lighting around outdoor spas, pools, and seating areas. More mood lighting can be used for areas of your deckoutdoor dining area, or gazebo.


 Call our design staff today and see what nighttime possibilites we can create for your home and landscape. 

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