Other Winter Services

Other Winter Services Available

In addition to snowplowing & ice control, Suburban Landscaping offers a wide range of additional winter services.


Snow removal

driveway treated with calcium

When snow piles become to large or a space is too small to pile additional snow, snow removal can be the answer. When parking spaces or access to functional areas such as garbage dumpsters or stairways become impeded by snow encroaching snow piles, the snow needs to be physically removed. With our fleet of removal equipment, Suburban Landscaping is ready to help.

Snow Relocation

Snow relocation is an essential service for some properties with limited space for snow storage from plowing operations. Snow relocation service will move piles of snow from high priority locations of your property to other, less used locations on your property. This service is a less time consuming and less costly way to manage your snow piles instead of snow removal.

Gypsum Applications

Winter Bed Covering

Salting is a necessary part of snow and ice control for most properties, however, it can be potentially problematic for lawn and plants. Rock salt can change the PH of the soil along drives and sidewalks that turf lives in. A gypsum application can significantly reduce the PH change in the soil in these areas, increasing the chance for the turf to survive.

Evergreen Wilt-proofing

During the winter, dry cold winds can sap the moisture out of the branches of evergreen trees and shrubs. Protecting the vital moisture of these plants can save evergreens from dead branches or even complete death in the spring. Installing a burlap wind barrier around your evergreens can significantly improve the health and well being of your evergreens.

Dormant Pruning

The winter season can be an excellent time to prune dormant trees. Reducing the stress of spring pruning and less costly with less clean up.

Winter Site Inspections

During the winter, commercial properties often accumulate debris that collects in the shrub beds and over the lawn area. Our winter site service offers to send a small crew to police the grounds, collecting debris of all kinds, including paper, fallen branches, trash, and any other objectionable debris.

Snow Fence RentalSnow Removal Company

A snow fence can be a very useful tool in the seasonal battle against keeping roads, sidewalks, and entrances clear of drifting and blowing snow. Snow fences are a physical barrier that allows blowing wind to pass through, but blocks the snow that the wind gusts carry with them, thus creating a pile of snow in a desired area instead of on a street or sidewalk.






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2015-09-04, 15:28
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