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Landscape Renovation

Even the most beautiful of gardens needs a facelift every few years. If your landscape was installed many years ago, chances are it is looking tired and dull. Some plants have died, some are overgrown or leggy. Bare spots may have developed in the lawn and the beds could be lacking in color and seasonal interest. Maybe the patio isn't so level anymore or your retaining walls are failing. Your home has been updated, but your garden is outdated.

Landscape Renovation Before And After
With expert help, your aging landscape can be rejuvenated to create a fresh look without tearing out the whole landscape. By evaluating your existing landscape plantings, we can determine where and what to redesign. Some plants can simply be pruned and saved and others should just be removed. The addition of flowering perennials, bulbs and annuals can give your garden an updated look. Where the trees have grown now provides the opportunity for shade loving plants. Installing drainage pipes to eliminate soggy lawn areas can return it usable space. Transform underused lawns into new outdoor living areas.

With Suburban Landscaping, the landscape renewal process can bring new excitement to your home and your lifestyle. Meet with our designers to add fresh curb appeal to you home, and enjoy pulling into your driveway again.

 Before And After Residential Planting

  • Breath new life into your home's outdoor appearance
  • Update the look of your home
  • Usually is the least expensive home improvement project you can do for your home with the most immediate impact
  • Add usable outdoor living space
  • Less pruning maintenance required for new plantings
  • See outside windows previously hidden by overgrown shrubs
  • Security enhancement for you home by removing hiding places for criminals
  • If selling your home, a renovated landscape adds curb appeal thus allowing you to compete with newer homes on the marketResidential Brick Patio Before and After

Our landscape designers can evaluate what portions of your landscape that are currently adding value aesthetically and are beneficial to your property. Taking these viable elements, we will incorporate them into a revised, updated landscape design. Many times just by removing a few overgrown shrubs and replacing them with the appropriate plants for the space and in the right sized plants, a landscape will have a rejuvenated and fresh look. Landscape renovation requires proper planning so that your landscape will thrive in the years ahead. As always, proper planning and execution of good landscape design and your home or business will increase in value with time.Brick Patio Before And After Completed Commercial

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If your landscape is in need of renewal or renovation, call one of our landscape designers today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. Turn your old landscape into something new that matches your lifestyle and tastes. For after hours readers, click this link to request a landscaping quote online.



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Pat Henaghan
2015-09-04, 15:28
Planting of river birch trees has solved my flooding problem in my backyard! Thank you so much for the suggestion. Prior to planting the river … read more
David C., Frankfort, IL
2015-06-05, 20:52
Yard looks great as always! Keep up the good work!
David Sanders
2015-06-29, 16:56
A quick thank you for going the extra mile, our place looks better than it has in years. We appreciate it very much.