Slit Seeding


What Is Slit-Seeding?

When re-seeding your lawn becomes necessary to thicken or enhance your turf, one of the easiest and best ways is to add seed to your lawn using a slit seeder. A slit seeder is a machine that vertically cuts, or slits, the ground and implants seeds into the groves allowing the seeds to rest in nutrient rich soil below the thatch layer. It’s that direct contact with the nutrient rich soil that gives slit-seeding the high seed germination rate and makes it a better option than broadcast over-seeding.

How Do I Know If I Need Slit-Seeding?

An estimator from Suburban Landscaping can assess your lawn and determine if an over-seeding using a slit seeder is needed. Typically if more than 50% of your lawn is infested with grassy weeds, then an application of a non-selective herbicide may be necessary. Eliminating the weeds will reduce the competition and allow the newly implanted seeds more space and nutrients to thrive in. The experts at Suburban Landscaping will also select the right blend of seeds for your soil to create a lush turf that you can enjoy.

Some lawns may not be candidates for slit-seeding. For example, a lawn with too much thatch would not be a recommended lawn for slit-seeding until the thatch issue has been resolved (multiple aerations or a de-thatching).

How Long Does It Take?

The process of slit-seeding a lawn is not a long or complicated process, the machine handles most of the work. Most residential lawns and small commercial properties can be slit-seeded in less than a day.

The seed itself will take 5-14 days to start growing, depending on the type of seed. Most lawns in the Midwest are primarily Kentucky Bluegrass, which takes about 20 days to germinate and start growing.

What Do I Have To Do After My Lawn Is Slit-Seeded?

You will need to water the lawn every day for the first 30 days to keep the seed moist and allow for proper germination. A lack of water will quickly reduce the seeds germination rate and therefore the effectiveness of the slit-seeding.

You also will continue to mow your lawn as you, or your landscape company, usually does. The mowers will not “pick up” or “vacuum up” the seed, it is perfectly acceptable to mow over the seeded lawn.

What Does Slit Seeding Cost?

Pricing for slit seeding is calculated based on the square-footage of the area you want to seed and the type of seed selected. For most residential lawns the costs starts around $400 and goes up from there. Slit seeding is by far the least expensive way to revive or renew your existing lawn.

Please call our office to schedule an estimate, or request a quote online. 

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