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Lawn Fertilization Programs

Mowing LinesA lush, green, healthy lawn is every homeowners dream, and since 1984, Suburban Landscaping has been helping to improve the lawns and lives of our clients by providing beautiful, healthy lawns in an environmentally responsible manner.

As all plants do, every lawn requires feeding to grow stronger, greener grass that can crowd out weeds and stand up to heat, stress and outdoor activities. However, not every lawn is identical and not every lawn requires the same fertilizers and weed control applications. Each lawn type and soil type needs a different application rate and fertilizer mix to look its best and maintain a green, lush, thick turf.


The fertilization staff and managers at Suburban Landscaping are experts in fertilization and weed control, having over 90 years of lawn and horticultural experience combined. Our professional, highly skilled technicians have all been through rigorous hands on training by certified applicators and are properly licensed, insured, and certified by the Department Of Agriculture in both Illinois and Indiana.

 Fertilization And Weed Control Program

Our customized fertilization programs are tailored to fit the needs of lawns specific to the Chicagoland  and Northwest Indiana areas. Fertilizing lawn

Early Spring Pre-emergent Weed Control and Fertilization – By catching crab grass before it even sprouts and applying quality slow-release granular fertilizer in early spring, your lawn gets off to a great start from the beginning of the growing season. Our pre-emergent app contains upwards of 85% of crabgrass with one application. 

Spring Weed Control and Fertilization - Slow release fertilizer along with broadleaf Weed Control - This application is very important in the weed control process.

Summer Turf Building and Weed Control - Slow release fertilizer and broadleaf Weed Control - This application helps maintain your lawn's color through the long hot summer days as well as keeping broadleaf weeds under control.

Late Summer Application - Low nitrogen slow release fertilizer with Micro-Nutrients - This application will give your lawn the boost it needs coming out of summer.

Fall Broadleaf Weed Control & Mineral Fertilizer - In the fall your lawn is still actively growing, and maturing summer weed seeds have a chance to take hold. This is also the most important application for controlling broadleaf weeds the following spring season.

Winterizer And Nitrogen Boost Fertilization - High Notrogen Fertilizer - This fertilization promotes healthy late growth before the lawn goes dormant, preparing your lawn for its final mowing and winter dormancy. This application will help your lawn get through the winter and bounce out in the spring. 

Environmentally and Safety Conscious Lawn Treatments

Suburban Landscaping has a deep respect for the environment and we only use approved, environmentally safe products for all our lawn treatments. All of the fertilizers and weed control products we use when treating your lawn are safe for you, your family, and your pets. Our weed control technicians are conscious of the chemicals they are carrying and use only sound storage and transportation methods to eliminate spillage. Organic fertilizers are also an option to our customers if requested.

Satisfaction GuaranteeFall Color

Suburban Landscaping will gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We are dedicated to improving the health and appearance of your lawn, while providing you with superior service and personalized attention. You should never hesitate to call us with questions or concerns about the health or appearance of your lawn. As your neighborhood lawn care professional, we will treat your lawn like it's our own. 

Call us now for a free, no-obligation lawn evaluation, and let us create a customized plan for your lawn.


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